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 -The Shadow Legion- Part 2 ~By Woods

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-The Shadow Legion- Part 2           ~By Woods Empty
PostSubject: -The Shadow Legion- Part 2 ~By Woods   -The Shadow Legion- Part 2           ~By Woods Icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2007 6:39 pm

Part 1 Arrow https://outcast.editboard.com/General-c2/Character-Stories-f7/The-Shadow-Legion-Part-1-By-Woods-t100.htm
Part 2

So We went East, crossed the bridge, it whas starting to get dark, id better not get any closer to durnhold, thinking back i probaly only murderd one of those guys in the Inn.

i Whas in Great luck finding a sleeping place! A Wild Gryphon Nest!
in a Big tree with a nice brees and almost no insects, coverd with Soft Silverleaf, only wild gryphons make nests like these, After Trowing out the Old and broken eggs.

""Arent we lucky""

Looking at Kya who made a small heap of leafs to lay on

"Yeah, this is Rare, i only slept Twice on these kind of nests! its so hard and delicate to make, only Pure Wild Gryphons can make these"

""Well Tereona Woods...""

"Wait What?"

""Tereo...ow wait i mean...hrmmm""

"Good Night?"

""i quess""

She gigled Softly, because i didnt know the word? or because she thinks Goodnight means something in Fairy Language...
i Smiled, and fell Asleep moments later...

I Yawned, i woke up badly late, those Gryphon Nests are such a pleasure for a Night of Sleep. i looked at Kya, who slept in a Awkward and kinda Pervert position, i slightly blushed while i poked her Awake...

""Aree~? what time izzit?""

"at the Stance of the Sun it almost seems like we slept half the day"

""Me~h! just few morrrminutzz""

I lifted her and stuffed her into my Shirt

My Mow wants to play xD Part 3 later
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-The Shadow Legion- Part 2 ~By Woods
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