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 -The Shadow Legion- Part 1 ~By Woods

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-The Shadow Legion- Part 1           ~By Woods Empty
PostSubject: -The Shadow Legion- Part 1 ~By Woods   -The Shadow Legion- Part 1           ~By Woods Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2007 2:43 pm

Hey Mates, glad you joined in, let me tell you another of my adventures...
its About a Shadow Army.

it all started when i whas walking around in hillsbrad, the Southshore Ale is fantastic and i love the view, The Bartender gave me an Ale, but i didnt payed for it, he pointed to the Night elf Lady dressed in black with a hood, so i drank my Ale and went to her, just to say thanks though, id never knew i could get into such big trouble...

"Hey Lady thanks for the Ale"

"Ow dont thank me, i just had to poison you before i could take you"


"Kiddin kiddin, just dont call me lady i hate that"

She Looked up, making the Hood fell off her Head, she whas Pretty, Even for a Night Elf, Though Black hair... never saw a Night elf with Such Black hair, her Cheeks where kinda high, making her look exotic, and Shiny Skin though it didnt look to soft, for the rest i Forgot, ow yeah her Boo-Auw! Why you did that Kya?! ow... well ok lets continue shall we 'ahum'

"Whew... you got me for a Second, well i wont call that way miss... Whatchaname?"

"just Call me Ara"

"Well Ok Ara, something the matter? i mean Free Ale and all"

"well i just like you to Deliver this"

She handed me a Package, it looked like a Dagger from the Shape, it whas warped in Black Runecloth, Very Rare...

"So where to?"

"ow not Far just North of Durnholde Keep"

"hmm i dont remember any place north of..."

i stopped talking... she looked a tad to serios

""HEY WOODSh! Whatchhha Got there!?...Hic!""

Ara Seemed Kinda Suprised and Shocked when Kya Hopped out of my Ale Drunk like a Dwarf.
Kya Looked at the Package, not saying anything she started to ripping it open, Ara seemed even more shocked and Reached for something in her Cloak, I Grabbed my Dagger And Parryd the Quick Stab from her, That Blade... it wasnt Elvish, she must be exiled! knowing that Elves dislike using other weapons than there own.

"Kya Get Here! What are you doing! your tryd to stab my Friend!"
""Yeah let her havit Woodsh.. ima gabral....""
the Drunken Fairy fell Asleep....

"That Dagger is worth A lot more than that blasted Fairy over there who tryd to show it in Public!"

not smart... not smart, saying such things in a Bar full of Syndicate Spies...
she seemed aware of her Mistake and Vanishd, me still holding the Dagger, and 5 Greedy looking persons who reached for there weapons and walked to me.

the Guy with an Orange Headbandage that coverd his Left eye, (he seemed like the leader) Tryd to Strike first... nothing special, it whas Easy to dodge, his Strike whas unbalanced, Slow, and his Sword whas rusty and quite dull, 2 Quick Strikes with just my bare hands into his Stomach did enough, the 4 other men Mostly armed with Hammers and Swords, wich didnt looked any better than the one of the Leader, tryd to attack me.

there attacks where easy to dodge, but Kya fell off my shoulder, and the 2de guy made an attemd to step on her, and i had to litle time to reach for my dagger, i grabbed for the Package, the black Runecloth slipped off the Blade like a ghost, stabbing the man So hard in his Legg he made a few twirls before he hitted the ground, i sliced the 3 others, Grabbed Kya, And Made a Spring to the Exit.

Kya Turning Purple Around her Head, said:
"" t...t..thanks Woodsh, i...i..""
"it Doesnt matter Kya, we would've never knew what would happend"
i Asumend the Purple whas Kya Blushing color.

Already outside running instinctivly to Durnhold, l Looked at the Blade,
it whas Black, thesame as Ara's Hair, Shiny, Gold Strings Arount the lemmet, the Blade looked like it whas Made for exactly for my hand, it seemed like an Extra bodypart of mine, there whas a Purple Emerald in the Parry Part of the Dagger, it whas Hypnotic. Even Dwarfs cant Craft this...

Stuffing Kya in my Shirt, she felt warmer than usuall... odd
Warping the Blade in my Cloak.

Already South of Darrow Hill, i stopped Sprinting


What did i got into...

i better deliver the Blade and Ask...

but is it save?...

Part 2 Coming Later
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-The Shadow Legion- Part 1           ~By Woods Empty
PostSubject: Re: -The Shadow Legion- Part 1 ~By Woods   -The Shadow Legion- Part 1           ~By Woods Icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2007 5:40 am

Gah.... why stop?
please give more.
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-The Shadow Legion- Part 1 ~By Woods
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