Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.
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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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 Mashkar, 70 lev Warlock

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Mashkar, 70 lev Warlock Empty
PostSubject: Mashkar, 70 lev Warlock   Mashkar, 70 lev Warlock Icon_minitimeTue Aug 07, 2007 7:15 pm

Who am I ? Warlock, Gnome Warlock - Mashkar 70 level (Affliction).

Im still working on my gear - maybe it's crap but even with it I work well.
Im not RP-er, but who knows, maybe it will change - I like RPG in RL, so time to try something new.

Raids - never been - but I hope it will change with you. At this moment - Im attuned to kara, still working on keys to heroics (only have to coilfang)
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Mashkar, 70 lev Warlock
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