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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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 Zooky - Warlock 70

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PostSubject: Zooky - Warlock 70   Zooky - Warlock 70 Icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2007 4:21 pm

Hello all, I would like to join your guild. Here's my resume Neutral

1. Are you a roleplayer, if so, tell your roleplaying background and In Character story, ie Who are you In Character?

I'm Zooky, last of the great Doomy lineage (Well, I am not really the last, but the others are all traitors! Mad ). You might not know the Doomy line, but they were the greatest line of warlocks ever to set foot in Gnomeregan. Most of my family either got wiped out during the gnomeregan disaster or they're trapped in their own minds or the nethervoid, bah). My current projects are
-Getting enough female dranei hooves for my studies and summon a new kind of demon, never before seen on Azeroth. The problem is that the dranei themselves have to be alive, and most donors are quite unwilling scratch
-Training Willy to become the guardian of my new laboratory. He'll be the meanest eye ever!

2. What Class, Spec and Level
is your character - why do you enjoy this spec?(if you have profile on ct, allakhazam or any other, please link it)

I'm affliction/destro 23/4/34. I just respecced from a pure all out crit gear (and that's terribly low on stam). But now I'm just going the good ol' way of warlocking.

3. What is your previous experience with end-game raiding 20 or 40 men raids, list your attunes (not required but most welcome).

I used to play this game 2 years ago on a pvp server. Had a lvl 60 warlock there in a raiding guild. We had daily raids in MC/BWL/ZG. I quit the game (was too busy with my studies) a few months before Ahn'Qiraj was released, so I never did that one. I am totally new to the lvl 70 raids (I did do Karazhan once with you guys though), but I'm a fast learner and I consider myself quite experienced in raids nonetheless Smile

4. What is it you enjoy about
playing WoW? Please indicate whether you are an active PvPer, Raider or
RPer, or a mix of two or all three, and what you would expect from Outcast?

I love raiding and pvping. I RP as well but that depends on the people I am RPing with (as most people don't RP at all). I expect from Outcast to be in a fun raiding-guild, and if we could have some pvp groups from time to time, all the better!

5. Have you read our rules and do you accept?


6. Have you ever been in another guild in WoW? Why did you leave?

I don't like leaving guilds, so have not been in much. I have been in 2 raiding guilds on Deathwing once (first guild was succesfull with some 100+ active lvl 60s, then the leader disbanded it suddenly and quit playing, then we formed a new guild). On Steamweedle I am currently in the guild Outland Legionaires. It's a fun guild but I got the feeling it's dying out, and the idea to go raiding with that guild doesn't really come off the ground (And I just want to go raiding again Very Happy ).

7. What is your favourite ice-cream?

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Zooky - Warlock 70
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