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 Paladin Baduroq lvl 70

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PostSubject: Paladin Baduroq lvl 70   Paladin Baduroq lvl 70 Icon_minitimeThu Jul 19, 2007 11:20 pm

1. Are you a roleplayer, if so, tell your roleplaying background and In Character story, ie Who are you In Character?

1. My name was Badstrike but i had to change it because it was against the rules...But i still made a small story. When i was a little boy i always was fighting with my Night Elf friend ( for fun ofcourse ) with Sticks, We wanted to become very strong and mighty heroes, but had a problem... I nearly always missed my attacks... or he was a good dodger, but people were laughing at me... When i became older i saw i was better with Hammers and Axes, And that's the answer to people who say : Badstrike? (( this is a RP realm man! )) sunny

2. What Class, Spec and Level
is your character - why do you enjoy this spec?(if you have profile on ct, allakhazam or any other, please link it)

2. I am Holy/Prot now, and i was holy from lvl 10-40 then i respecced Retribution till lvl 70 when i respecced Full Holy and after some months it was getting boring and then i respecced Holy/Prot which makes me a good healer and tank! ( i'm a better tank then healer but that shouldnt be any problem if i do my healing gear on which is with some epics from heroic instances and Arena )

3. What is your previous experience with end-game raiding 20 or 40 men raids, list your attunes (not required but most welcome).

3. Well... I dinged lvl 60 when TBC came out so i didnt do alot of raiding yet, so I just did a ZG till the second boss and a AQ20... So.... but i do alot of instances, if i gain 20g for each instance i have done i would have around...the...2000g i think Razz

4. What is it you enjoy about
playing WoW? Please indicate whether you are an active PvPer, Raider or
RPer, or a mix of two or all three, and what you would expect from Outcast?

4. I'm not doing alot of PvP atm but i really love to be in a group with 10-40 going to a bbbiiiiggggg boss, and i expect raiding from Outcast! alot of raiding and heroic instances! fun fun fun!

5. Have you read our rules and do you accept?


6. Have you ever been in another guild in WoW? Why did you leave?

I've been in another "Raiding" guild called Vision, but they disbanded... it was alot of fun and instances... I asked to join guild like Core and Ascension but i needed to have 100 fire resistance or something else like that... ( that was at lvl 59-62, cuz when i was lvl 62 ( i think Razz ) I joined a guild called Twisted, where i am still in now.

7. What is your favourite ice-cream?

Chocolate+Strawberry = Delicious!!!!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Paladin Baduroq lvl 70
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