Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.
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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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 wildwolf lv70 paladin

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PostSubject: wildwolf lv70 paladin   wildwolf lv70 paladin Icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2007 12:06 am

Do I do Roleplaying - Not really I've RP a few times since playing.

Class Spec Level - Paladin Holy Level 70.

Attunements - BWL, ONY, NAXX, MC, KARA, Ive raided in MC a few times up to last boss with Praetorian also been in ZG a lot with them and AQ20 as well.

I enjoy playing WOW - because I like to do instance runs and raids but lately not been able to raid there is always something new to be seen and done and would love to see some of the end game footage also home from work normally around 6.30 pm game time so would be able to attend most runs.

Have you read the terms and conditions - yes I have and I agree to them.

Have i been in another guild - yes, Ive been in ShadowKnight Order, Rebel Knights, Praetorians, Primordia and currently in Angels of Mercy. Reason why I left Praetorian disbanded so had no choice, and the same with Rebel Knights, the rest of them I could not get any help of.

What Ice Cream do I like - well my favourite is Chocolate Chip
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wildwolf lv70 paladin
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