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 Damién, 70 rogue application Form.

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Damién, 70 rogue application Form. Empty
PostSubject: Damién, 70 rogue application Form.   Damién, 70 rogue application Form. Icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2007 8:39 pm

1. Are you a roleplayer, if so, tell your roleplaying background and In Character story, ie Who are you In Character?
Yes, i am a roleplayer... My background is:Damiéns mother died in a terrible fire, his dad has dissapeared and he's only left with his one and only sister, Kyoko Tokiwa (Real player xD) He was raised from his parents for 5 years until the fire, then he had to survive with his sister, that's why he's a bit mean at sometimes and can be nervous around fire.

2. What Class, Spec and Level
is your character - why do you enjoy this spec?(if you have profile on ct, allakhazam or any other, please link it)
Damién is a Rogue. He's specced 8/10/42, if i need to respec that is acceptable. I enjoy this spec because it allows me to gain more agility, use hemmorage (+10 damage) and just generally do more damage and get better skills and stuff...

3. What is your previous experience with end-game raiding 20 or 40 men raids, list your attunes (not required but most welcome).
Erm...hehe...this is the bit i suck at...The only instance i've been to was Zul'gurrub...Almost went to MC...but Zul'Gurrub was fun...lots of killing and plenty of epics and rares...I'm on my way to getting the karazan attunement, up to the shadow labs part...I hope this part doesn't cut my chances of getting in...

4. What is it you enjoy about
playing WoW? Please indicate whether you are an active PvPer, Raider or
RPer, or a mix of two or all three, and what you would expect from Fir
Well...When i was level 60 i was a active PvPer...i got quite a lot of rares and a epic dagger from it...i'm thinking about starting level 70 battlegrounds, i Role play a lot as well.

5. Have you read our rules and do you accept?
Yes, i have read and accepted the rules.

6. Have you ever been in another guild in WoW? Why did you leave?
I have been in a few...i haven't stayed in any for more then about a few months, mostly because they were never role playing or instance guilds...i couldn't stand the unreadable language...but if i get into this guild, i promise never to leave, it has everything in a guild i want.

7. What is your favourite ice-cream?
Hehe, this is a random question, but i guess it's Chocolate! With a bit of vanillla, with a flake in it xD

Hope you enjoyed my application.
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Damién, 70 rogue application Form. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Damién, 70 rogue application Form.   Damién, 70 rogue application Form. Icon_minitimeThu Jun 07, 2007 10:52 pm

1) The fact that you didn't have a lot of raiding in your past does not effect your application, we just like to know the people on our team, that's it.

2) There is no need to promise never to leave the guild, as sometimes things arn't what you plan, you play according to your wills and wishes.

Rogue CL will make contact in game.
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Damién, 70 rogue application Form.
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