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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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 Rogue Stuff

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PostSubject: Rogue Stuff   Rogue Stuff Icon_minitimeTue Jun 05, 2007 8:40 pm

This thread will be about usefull rogue stuff such as builds and or what to bring on raids or to instances.


now this is the build i use myself. High damage, high crits and since rogues are made to deal alot of damage this is also my prefered build...For instances it may be better to take some points out of imp. backstab fx. and use them in master of deception as sap is more used in there. Of course you can decide for yourself wheter to specialize in daggers, swords or first weapons but i wouldn't recommend maces for any serious rogues Razz

What to bring to raids:

As a minimum i always try to bring this:

20 x Warp burger

10 x Elixir of major agility, though after blizz nerfed the potion system you could substitute these with something else like Elixir of mastery, onslaught elixir or fel strength elixir, i personally prefer agility though as it also adds to dodge, crit and everything else we rogues like Razz

10 x Super healing potion

20 x Netherweave bandages (don't ever miss these)

Though i'm not doing it myself yet i would advice people in general to bring Elixir of major fortitude (+250 hp and 10 health every 5 seconds) again because the potion system has changed we could might aswell use this just to have a guardian elixir in use too Smile

At least 10 x flashpowder and 10 x blinding powder...The blind ability can save a party from a wipe if used on a mob going for a healer, and vanish is the most effective way to clear your aggro on a boss fx.

10-20 thistle tea (not needed but very nice Smile)

And of course remember to bring enough poisons and the right type of poison. I usually bring this:

20 x Deadly Poison VII
20 x Instant Poison VII
10 x Mind Numbling Poison III (very usefull when doing moroes in karazhan for the adds)

That was it for now Smile go pwn Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Rogue Stuff   Rogue Stuff Icon_minitimeSat Jun 16, 2007 5:53 pm

its doing odd, click me through the Arena team

Yep my New talent Build Looks Quite like it, only i think Opportunity with its 30% (or 20 i forgot Razz) Crit change from behind, is just a nice adjustment

i miss Shadowstep Premeditation and prepreration, but this build Crits like hell if you mainly use daggers. (Total some kind of 75% Backstab O_O)


But what About some Kind of 5vs5 Rogue Arena team?
i mean !LOL! Very Happy
That Would be Friggin Pwnage i think

What do you think?
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Rogue Stuff
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