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 Story of Lligog

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PostSubject: Story of Lligog   Story of Lligog Icon_minitimeTue May 29, 2007 7:18 pm

((Well just thought I'd share this. Its the background story of an alt of mine, quite possibly the one I enjoy roleplaying the most.))

Here follows the story of Lligog the Lost as told by Melgor Firegut of the Explorers League:

The story of Lligog is a grim one indeed. It takes its beginning back when she was but an infant. Hoping to sell some of his fabulos engineering creations her father had booked the family on a merchants caravan headed for Booty Bay. What happend next was difficult to recover, but at some point during their trip through Stranglethorn Vale the caravan was ambushed by what can only be described as crazed fanatics. During the raid Lligog was taken from her mother's arms and swept into the jungle.

What happend for the next few days has been impossible to find out, but the next thing we know for certain was that she was returned to her parants in Booty Bay seemingly unharmed.

During the years of her growing up, the sheer joy of having their child returned to them after thinking her forever lost, was slowly but surely overshadowed by the fear of what might have happened to her in that jungle. Often she was found starring into the night oblivious to her surrondings or speaking in a strange language with herself when she thought noone could hear her. One day she simply walked away muttering something about "wanting to see the world" leaving her stunned parents behind.

We have been unable to discover the truth about her travels the next few years, but when she did return there can be no doubt of her powers in the world of demons and destruction.

Investigations was started to discern the truth about what happend, and this is what we learned:
While a captive by the fanatics - we now know to be dark demon worshipers - some sort of demon was implanted within the child, a demon by the name Az'eii Tzot'ht. The true nature of this demon can only be guessed at, but it is beliaved that it is in fact a portal demon, able to open a vast portal to some demonic realm once it is ready.
This is ofcourse a major threat to the realm and the gnome Lligog, known as the Lost, is to be watched closely these following years.

- Melgor Firegut -
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PostSubject: Re: Story of Lligog   Story of Lligog Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2007 12:45 am


nice story!
(you don't seem to RP Brum alot =P)
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PostSubject: !   Story of Lligog Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2007 8:39 am

nice one!

your a natural Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Story of Lligog   Story of Lligog Icon_minitimeSun Jun 17, 2007 10:10 am

Cewl Razz nice Story
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PostSubject: Re: Story of Lligog   Story of Lligog Icon_minitime

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Story of Lligog
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