Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.
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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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 Hunter recruitment

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PostSubject: Hunter recruitment   Hunter recruitment Icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2007 1:43 pm

My name is Ethan i am a level 66 Dwarf Hunter

-What is your characters story (if there is one)?

Have none

-Do you agree with the guilds' rules?


-Have you ever been in another guild in WoW?

Been in a few

-Why did you leave?

Finding help was hard and some of them were unfriendly, however some of them are still good friends.

-Have you completed the quest for Karazhan attunement?

No, would like to though

-Are you revered/Exalted with any outland faction? Specify.

No im working on it though.

-What is your favorite ice cream?

Rum and raisen
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter recruitment   Hunter recruitment Icon_minitimeTue May 08, 2007 3:15 pm

Greetings and thanks for applying to Outcast.

When you have a spare moment, please contact me ingame - and we'll have a little chat about things.

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Hunter recruitment
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