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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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 Raiding guidelines

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PostSubject: Raiding guidelines   Raiding guidelines Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2007 9:50 am

This is just a quick writeup of a few guildelines for raiding, I'm sure these are sekond nature to alot of you, but having them in writing never hurts. I exspect the hunters of Outcast to follow these on all raids.

- Listen to the raidleader, his word is the law when raiding. If you disagree to anything discuss it after the raid. When encounters are explainded ASK if you have any questions or are in doubt as to what to do, especially on the smaller raids its important that everyone does what they are surposed to.

- Do not use the raidchannel as your chit-chat channel. This is especially important since we (thankfully) dont use a voice-chat proggy. If you feel the need to chit-chat about something (and you shouldnt since you are focusing on raiding ^^) use a dedicated channel to do so. Its important that the raidleaders information is seen by everyone and if the channel is spammed with non-raid related chat, we wont.

- Dont afk unless you really have to, and if you have to /w raidleader reason, exspected time you are back and use /afk "reason" so that everyone can see you are not there. and why.

- Bring consumables, and bring enough to last the raid. If the place we are raiding is not considered on "farm" status, bring/use everything you can to maximise our chance of succes. This is a list of what I usually bring (this goes for 5-mans for me aswell.)

Healing/mana potions
Ravager dog http://thottbot.com/i27655
Warp burger http://thottbot.com/i27692
Buzzard bites http://thottbot.com/i27651
Elixir of major agility http://thottbot.com/i22831
Onslaught elixir http://thottbot.com/i28102
Water, usually there is a mage - bring a bit of water anyway, just in case.
Ammo, and bring more than enough.
Repair bots http://thottbot.com/i18232, I allways bring one or two of those.
Loch Modan lager http://thottbot.com/i23584, well I am a dwarf - what can I say

- Never ever get ahead of the MT unless specificly told so by the raidleader. Many times when going to a new place its tempting to go ahead just to have a quick look-see, DONT, you may unintentionally aggro something and cause a wipe - wipes are not fun.

- Be on time. If the raid is schedules to start at 7pm - that means everyone is there and inside the instance, or waiting to port inside at 7pm. Dont keep 9/24 other waiting just becourse you didnt feel like logging on until raidstart, and forgot you where still in Ironforge.

- Dont sign up for a raid and then dont show up. This is exstremely frustrating for the raideader as he most likely will have to disband the raid and dissapoint the other raiders. Things happend and if you for some reason cant make a raid you signed up for, just make a post about it so everyone can see why you wherent at the raid, or at least make sure the raidleader knows the reason.

- Most importently of all, remember to have fun. This is a game and most of us play it for fun, never forget that.

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PostSubject: Re: Raiding guidelines   Raiding guidelines Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2007 11:58 am

A very very good raid-guidelines, but why to hunters only? this should be on the Raids section for everyone.

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Raiding guidelines
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