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 Getting attunened to Karazhan

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Getting attunened to Karazhan Empty
PostSubject: Getting attunened to Karazhan   Getting attunened to Karazhan Icon_minitimeThu Apr 12, 2007 9:31 am

Karazhan is the guild most focused target at the moment, but in order to go there, one must get a key. To get a key there is a chain quest to complete

a) Go to deadwind pass, there you will be given two quests, both quests must be completed.

b) Then you'll get a quest to travel to a mage near Dalaran, you can find him at the
northen side of the dome that once was Dalaran

c) Then you will be requested to travel to Shattrah City where you will need to talk to Khadgar he will send you to collect the first part of the Key

d) The first part of the key is in Shadow Labyrinth (To enter this place you'll need a key, you can either get the key yourself from Sethekk Halls, or ask Dalon or Kaynan to open the room for you) near the last boss, Murmur, to the left side from the entrance, once you activate the item a guard spawns. Kill him, and the first part is yours

e) The next part is in Steamvault, near the first and the second boss there is a big pool, down in it is the key, once you activate the item, a guard will spawn. Like the first part, kill him, and the key is yours

f) the last part of the key is inside Arcatraz (To get to the instance two things are required, a flying mount and a key, Dbon has the key, so unless you have a rogue to open the instance for you ask from Dbon. as for the flying mount, you'll have to get it yourself)

h) after you have all 3 shards of the key you'll be sent to Black Morass (to be able to enter you'll have to finish Durnholde keep event first, by level 70 is shouldn't be too hard.) Once finished Black Morass and you talk to medivah you'll have the key needed.

You are now attuned!
Good luck to everyone doing this, and do try to foucs on this mainly.
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Getting attunened to Karazhan
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