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 Mages and aggro

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Mages and aggro Empty
PostSubject: Mages and aggro   Mages and aggro Icon_minitimeFri Apr 27, 2007 11:40 pm

I am a level 70 mage as you all know i got a fire build and my nickname is King of Aggro you can guess why.
One thing is sure we are an agro killer (more than we are mobs killer) at least I am like this.
How can we solve this problem??
First thing, the arcane talent build is a good offer to mages that donít want to get aggro.
Second thing at level 70 we mages get the spell Invisibility use it when you see the mob is coming to you.
Third, DPS very slowly at the beginning of each mob so the tank could get enough time to top the agro list.
Forth, you can use Addons, such as KTM to watch your aggro (given that other in your group use it as well.)
Fifth, and my most favorite of all, just pray. =)
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Mages and aggro
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