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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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PostSubject: Karazan   Karazan Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 1:59 pm

Yes its me again whining about Karazan as I just felt that some things had to be said - wont be popular but I am just beyond the point of caring.
As you might have noticed I canceled the Kara raids I was signed up for this week becourse quite frankly as things are right now its just a waste of my time and gold. I've decided to take a break until Sunday (Gruuls raid) to think a few things over.

Now people please.
Karazan is not a place you attune yourself to and then expect to just showup and get showered with epics, its a bloody hard instance. Please at least try to gear up a bit for the place instead of just showing up in whatever green/blue quest reward you happend to come by. Heroics is a GREAT way to gear up for Kara, so instead of spending all that time on you alts waiting for the next Kara raid - think about trying to run a few regular/heroic instances, and yes the class armor (dungeon3) is actually a nice set combined with a few heroic epics.
Please spend those bloody 20g on some potions for the raids. Healing/mana/damage whatever it bloody takes. At the point we are at everything counts, we need to squieese every last bit of healing and damage we possibly can. Buff foods .. I am handing out some 40-60 foods each raid .. and even though I dont mind spending those 5-6 hours fishing/killing/cooking to make foods for everyone (not to meanting the time it actually too getting fishing and cooking capped) please just make a little efford to get ahold of some yourself, or at least bring the guild cooks some ingrediants - everyone can kill lizards and such ..

This is the absolutely last post I am making regarding Karazan or raiding in general. Sad to say but it things dont pick up I find myself forced to consider alternatives I really DO NOT want to have to consider - but since end-game raiding is really where the fun lies for me ... well ...

See you all on Sunday for some ogre-bashing!

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PostSubject: Re: Karazan   Karazan Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 4:34 pm

My bitterness aproves of this post. Personally i'm losing all motivation to continue sometimes. I feel exactly the same as you but i'm just tired of moaning. Speaking of moaning, i'm also sick of diva attitudes, the one i speak of know who he is. Also, i saw people HS from Karazhan last night jumping to conclusions before we even declared the raid dismissed. Feels like others lack motivation aswell or just can't be bothered to put up efforts which annoys me something incredible. And as you mentioned in another post, people that come to the raid unprepared and unrepaired should not mention anything about "l2p" or crap like that and just pass their spot to someone else who's probably more dedicated and willing to strain his back for the raid and not just freeload because he has some spare time to kill one evening.

Even if it's not considered a "raiding guild" it has become one - seeing as we have two Karazhan groups and are doing Gruul on a weekly basis i think people should some more dedication and discipline because the quality of the current raiding just doesn't cut it. And if everyone would do like Brumhilda does by preparing before the raid the day before or something like that (farming buff foods, pots, bandages, repairmoney) it would clearly improve said raiding quality due to less stalling of the raid and no "i gotta HS and repair" after the first attempt on a boss for example. So to sum this up - if you want to progress and get teh purplz - make an effort or else it won't happen.

Just my two cents, the regular crap but please for once just read, comprehend and follow the advices. But i guess only a pair of officers will read this.
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PostSubject: Re: Karazan   Karazan Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 5:39 pm

Sticky, and there to stay.
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PostSubject: Re: Karazan   Karazan Icon_minitime

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