Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.
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Outcast, a World of Warcraft guild.

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 Lvl 70 Holy priest.

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Lvl 70 Holy priest. Empty
PostSubject: Lvl 70 Holy priest.   Lvl 70 Holy priest. Icon_minitimeWed Jun 27, 2007 2:36 am

1. Im not much of a roleplayer but will join in at anycase for abit of a giggle Smile
2. Priest. 70. Holy. I enjoy this spec due to the fact i never trusted people healing or tanking while playing my warlock and now im the healer i feel comfortable in any situation Smile ask broxup he'll vouch for my healing abilities.. i hope Very Happy
3. Been raiding with various characters for about 1.5yrs. Raid leader of 2 guilds. One on another server but left due to getting to fast paced and time consuming. Have done Most raid instances. Attunements for Khara on Erillia are complete still need all the keys for heroic dungeons though.
4. It has to be my pvp addiction. Get me in a battle ground with my warrior or warlock and all hell breaks loose Very Happy Plus its a great game.
5. I accept.
6. Yes i run Primordia but due to my lack of time due to work i was never able to get it to raiding status. And now its a big bunch of friends who come on to chat and hang out. My alts still live there.
7. Rum and Raisin with a chocolate flake Smile

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Lvl 70 Holy priest.
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