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 Requirments and Rules - Read before you apply

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PostSubject: Requirments and Rules - Read before you apply   Wed Apr 11, 2007 12:14 pm

Before you apply to the guild, you should see if you pass these here few requirements.

1) Your character MUST have an RP name. (We may choose not to recruit someone due to naming policy of the server.)

2) You have a character of level 60 or above.

3) You must be willing to download these two addons
a) CTraid: www.ctmod.net (Helps while raiding) - MUST Download
b) GEM: http://christophe.calmejane.free.fr/wow/gem/ (Helps organize raids and events) - MUST Download
c) While it is not a must, Deadly Boss Mods helps you keep track of some very imprtant things. You can find the link to their site here.

4) You must agree with the following rules
a) Be friendly towards other players.
b) Don't leave the raid because someone else got an item you wanted
c) Guild chat is RP, Don't use OOC words in the guild channel (lvl, BRB, ASAP, smilies and the likes are NOT allowed) GEM's channel is for that. (If you want to know more about RP take a look at our general forum for ideas)
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Requirments and Rules - Read before you apply
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