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 Mallik - 70 Holy paladin

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PostSubject: Mallik - 70 Holy paladin   Wed Aug 01, 2007 11:40 pm

1. No i don't RP, i have before but didn't like it

2. Class-Paladin, Specc - Holy, lvl 70. I respecced from Retri mostly because i new it would be hard to find groups for instances and raids as a Ret paladin. I now have full holy gear and liking the specc so far.

3. I havent raided too much, done ZG a few times and kara. Im attuned to Heroic Tempest keep and Achindoun.

4. I enjoy playing WoW because of instancing, raiding and PvP. Also meeting some great people along the way.

5. I have read and agree with all the rules and Downloaded the programs.

6. I have been in several guilds before applying here. I left mostly down to either the guilds not doing much in terms of raiding/instancing, or the guilds falling apart.

7. Hmmm, if it exists.....i would love to try Peanut Butter flavoured Ice cream Very Happy
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Mallik - 70 Holy paladin
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